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Modlite PL350 Body with ARC Switches

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This light package contains a PL350 Pistol light switch and body assembly. The Body also includes a set of PHLSTER ARC Switch paddles. A defining characteristic of the PL350 is its “Out the front” battery changeability, which allows the user to quickly replace discharged batteries with fresh ones, without tools and without removing the pistol light body from the host weapon.


    Modular design is compatible with all slim Modlite heads, which lets the end-user customize the light output to their specific needs.

    Lights include a full set of PHLSTER ARC enhanced WML Switches, further letting the end-user tailor the light to fit their hands and shooting methods.

    The PL350 is designed to be compatible with current and future Modlite heads, ensuring long life and future upgrade paths.

    At launch, the PL350 is well supported in the holster industry as well. For a list of companies with compatible holsters, please click HERE.