Revival Defense

Our Mission at Revival Defense is Simple. Provide American Citizens with High Quality Equipment and Education so that they are Prepared for any situation. Originally based in Northern California, we are now proudly headquartered in The State of Texas. 

Revival Defense, while providing high quality equipment, at affordable pricing, with competitive shipping speeds and great customer service, has strong beliefs behind our 2nd Amendment, our natural rights to firearm ownership, and the belief in self-reliance and its importance in the community.

We are of the belief If an individual is not prepared to take care of themselves, then they become a liability, rather than an asset in a community. Whether that community is your next door neighbors, a group of friends, or a dedicated community with specific goals, having the simple necessities to take care of yourselves in an emergency can be a matter of life or death, and taking care of others who may not be physically able to take care of themselves.

Our inventory and brand reflects this, with high quality, tested equipment, from firearm accessories, to medical gear, we sell products you can trust. We focus our finances primarily on American Made Products, and all of the work that we may commission is also proudly American Based so you know when you are shopping at Revival Defense, your money is going to those who support you. This is an extremely important part of our business, and a driving factor for us to continue to grow and support those who support us.

The key factor of enhancing your personal capabilities is not just purchasing equipment, but rather a combination of quality equipment and the knowledge on how to use it. Because of this we do sponsor those who provide the community with knowledge that we find extremely beneficial, and helps to push the industry forward with knowledge and development:

@MR_RECCE on Instagram : Marshall is a fantastic source of information on the AR platform. He is someone who is passionate about properly built rifles, and what goes in to a quality machine that lasts. Plenty of information pertaining to the platform; regarding tuning, build materials, recommended brands, and more can be found on his Instagram page. 

Pew Science LLC : We are a proud supporter of Pew Science, and what they have done for the industry. PEW Science was founded in 2019 to offer the firearm community meaningful, comprehensive, and independent sound signature testing for suppressed weapon systems. PEW Science is the developer of PEW-SOFT™ and The Silencer Sound Standard™, and has 16 years of comprehensive experience in the testing, analysis, and modeling of systems in response to fast transients. PEW Science also developed The Suppression Rating™ - the most accurate, comprehensive, and meaningful small arms sound signature rating available.  They are the leader in independent silencer sound testing.

Thank You for Supporting us and Making Our Dream a Reality