About the RF Series Muzzle Devices - 6315RF and 6310RF

6315RF & 6310RF




While the design philosophy may not matter to most, we felt as if we should explain it to help better understand why the RF series of muzzle devices was created. Revival Defense was established in July of 2021 when we were still in California, and if someone told us then that we would have a product of our own on the market just over a year later, we would have a fairly hard time believing them. While designing and creating products that have a practical purpose has always been a desire, it is not something that we thought would be a reality this early in our journey, especially in collaboration with a  company like Forward Controls that is regarded for their for their focus on function driven, quality products. The products we sell and the customer service that we try to provide to our customers are a reflection of what matters to us most; quality and purpose. Function First is something that we often say to customers who asked why we created the 6315RF and 6310RF. When we had the idea for the RF series devices, we reached out to our friends at Forward Controls Design, who have created a vast amount of well thought out, function driven products for the firearms industry. Forward Controls saw the purpose behind the RF series devices, and we decided to create the muzzle devices as a collaboration product, using design ques from their 6315 line of muzzle devices. We are extremely grateful to have been able to collaborate with FCD on the RF line of devices.